Photo of a smiling Jake Millar wearing his iconic thick-rimmed glasses

He was bright and shiny and flew too close to the sun

Picture of a package of lab-grown meat
Image: iStock

Understanding the exponentials of food

Part I: The Underlying Phenomenon

The TEDxChristchurch team in 2019. Photo credit: Neil Macbeth and TEDxChristchurch

Earthquakes, fireworks, and a trip to Antarctica

Screen grab of insurrectionists at the Capitol

Time to face the truth

Image credit: Lauren Shiplett, shared under CC BY 2.0

There’s a more powerful way to look at it

Martin Luther King Jr memorial in Washington, DC. Image credit: mliu92 on Flickr, CC BY-SA…

It’s okay to realize you might be, too

On the perils of celebrating too early

Kaila Colbin

Co-founder, Boma Global. Founder/CEO Boma NZ. Dual citizen USA/NZ. Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Just wants the world to be a better place.

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